No shells in Hastings?!

What a disaster for me to go to the seaside and can not collect seashells on the beach!

Hastings is lovely city located on the South coast of England. The city is hiding between East and West hills, on the shore surrounded by English Channel.



We took early morning train from Charing Cross – London to Hastings. The journey takes about 2 hours and return ticket will cost you approximately 35£.



From the train station our first steps led us to the rocky beach. Standing on this wide bech, admiring large mass of water and listening to the sound of waves, don’t forget to turn back. Massive cliffs behind you is another must explore in this area.


Stade, East hill cliff and Funicular in one picture.

As we took a walk on the beach, I start looking for seashells, but what a surprise! No shells on this beach. I only found few later than, stuck in fisherman nets. I was searching for what reason it is like this..but maybe you will know better. If yes, I’ll be very happy if you leave me a comment 😉

Hastings in one of the Britain’s oldest fishing port and you can find prove of this everywhere. Great part of the beach called Stade is full of boats, some of them are still in use, but some of them are pretty old and very interesting for visitors or photographers. Word Stade dates from before 1066 battle of Hastings and means landing place.


The man and the boat 🙂

5x what to do by the sea in Hastings:

  1. explore Stade and admire boats
  2. visit local fishmarket and fisheries by the beach. Fresh fish for dinner is pretty good idea 😉
  3. visit Fisherman’s museum located inside a church. Read more here.
  4. visit Shipwreck museum, what is situated close to Fisherman’s museum.
  5. visit East Hill Cliff Railway, which provides acces to Hastings country park.

By the Fishermen’s museum.



By the Fishermen’s museum.




Funicular up the cliff.



One of those fisheries.

As usual when we are by the sea, fresh fish and chips is a must for us. This time we ate at nice place called The Old Town Fryer.


Vlady after fish and chips 😀

Except all this, you can find an amusement parks there, play mini golf, go shopping, visit other museums or theather and many others.

Easily accesible we find this city suitable destination for all age cathegories.

Anna Škvařilová
Miluji cestování, svobodu a dobrodružství. Mou vizí je rozšiřovat lidem obzory. Ve světe se dozvíte a naučíte spoustu užitečných věcí a zbavíte se mnoha zažitých stereotypů.

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