Medieval Bodiam Castle – England

When we are planning our trips we are always looking for places which are not so well promoted in the books.

We are searching for special places, which are not occupied by hundreds of tourists but which are worth to visit. We like to inspire other travellers to go extra mile and discover extraordinary places and do amazing trips which are not in the usual travel guides.

Once Vlad (my life and travel partner) found found randomly on the map, a medieval castle which seemed to be very interesting so it was a must to see for us.

Moated Bodiam castle was built in 14th century and is located near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England. We got there easily by bus number 349 from Hastings, Harold Place stop (read more about our trip to Hastings here). The jurney took approximately one hour and bus stop was just by the castle area. If you are comming by car, large parking place by the castle is available for small fee.


This article was written for – you call read all article here. I hope it will be an inspiration for your future travelling.

Anna Škvařilová
Miluji cestování, svobodu a dobrodružství. Mou vizí je rozšiřovat lidem obzory. Ve světe se dozvíte a naučíte spoustu užitečných věcí a zbavíte se mnoha zažitých stereotypů.

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